Say What You Mean and Mean What You Say!

In general, I think I’m a pretty articulate person but recently I really missed my mark and oh boy, did I make a BIG mistake!  On the March 18th LinkedIn Lady Show, one of the issues I addressed was how social media can impact your life.  The news that day spiraled around the guilty verdict that came out of the rape trial in Steubenville, OH.  As a result of images, videos and text messages that were posted by people who either witnessed or knew of the incident, prosecutors won their case on behalf of the innocent victim.

While pointing out the consequences of inappropriate postings and how lives were ruined by social media, I neglected the most important part of what I intended to say – which was – the VICTIM was the big winner in this case.  The young woman who was raped saw justice because social media gave the prosecution sufficient evidence to make their case and secure the conviction.

So you see, social media works both ways – it can be good – it can be bad – but one thing is for sure…it is forever!

My very special and heartfelt thanks to Tina Smith for holding me accountable.  She listened to my podcast and was, in her words, “shocked and appalled” that I took the side of the defendants.  Tina, you are truly my hero, and on so many levels.  First, for being the advocate for justice, and secondly for taking the time to reach out to me and express your disappointment in my commentary.  As I told Tina in a private email, I truly thought I had covered both sides of the story.  I fully intended to end that segment with the message that we now have our first and highest profile case proving how social media can be used successfully in a criminal trial.

I hope all of my listeners, fans and followers will take the same initiative to let me know when you are happy – and when necessary, like this occasion – unhappy!  I take your input seriously and will always respond quickly and honestly.

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