Social Media and Writing – Part 2

In this blog, I am going to bring two worlds together that truly depend on each other for their individual success.  By blending writing and social media together, you are able to do two things.  The first thing you are able to do is develop better content.  Social media is a giant world of resources and inspiration to really stretch your writing mind and knowledge.  The second one is the ability to get your brand out there and known to the world.  Whether you have been, using social media for years of you are a newbie on the scene, this information is key to know and understand fully.  We are going to pick back where we left off last week.

4.  Be Visible

Make sure you never let your accounts fall by the wayside.  In addition to posting regularly, update your Facebook profile picture or cover photo (every six months is a good time reference).  Also, change up your Twitter background and your profile picture.  The rule of thumb is to follow is between 3 to 5 tweets a day (2 to 3 hours apart) and two Facebook status updates a day.  This will help keep yourself visible to your followers.  It also allows you to interact and engage with your followers on a daily basis.

5.  Putting Yourself Out There

You might be hesitant to join the global virtual communities in which your information and viewpoints are available to anyone, but it is all about focusing on what you are comfortable with in a public sphere.  Some people find social media to be difficult especially if by nature they are a private person.  On the other end of the spectrum, you do not want to put everything about you out there-especially with personal contact information like phone numbers and personal home address.

6.  Surf through All Social Media Platforms

It can be difficult to sift through all of the available social platforms and decide which ones to focus on; it helps if you think about what it is you want to achieve. If you are looking to get your name out there, it makes sense to use the networks with the most users to boost your presence.  That means Twitter and Facebook, for sure, but Instagram and Snapchat should be on your radar, too.

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