Facebook for Marketing

When you think of social media and network marketing, the first website that probably comes to mind is Facebook. With more than 140 million people with Facebook accounts, the site is the Cadillac of social media.  This means good things for you if you are a business owner.

Whether a small, locally owned business or a multi-million dollar corporation, using Facebook to promote your company has great advantages to it. Research shows that nearly one-third of online display advertising in the United States is taking place on Facebook! How can you get in on this marketing and make your Facebook a success?

First things First

First, create a professional page for your company. This is different from a simple profile, and allows you to customize information, photos and more so that viewers can gain a better understanding of who you are and what you are all about. Your company’s Facebook presence must include a welcome page instead of the same boring Facebook page, as well as built to generate interest in the item or services that your company offers.  It should be professionally designed and feature photos, customer testimonials and general news about your company and services. In addition Facebook is a great place to list all of your special deals and offers. Ensure that you keep things fresh with regular updates.

Fans, Fun and more

The next step is generating fans. You can find numerous methods of gathering a fan base, starting with your existing business associates, friends, and family. Ask these people to view your page and what you have to offer, as well as throw in a “like.” Ask them to tell all of their friends as well. You can add signs of revealing your Facebook page if you have a physical location, print business cards with your Facebook information and even post a link on your website. These are only a handful of the ways that you can get the fans that you are after.

You must keep your fans interested in what you are offering as well. Regular updates, contests, freebies, coupons, games and other fun activities work wonders to keep the audience entertained, informed and spreading the word about your company. Respond to as many comments as you possibly can, add exclusive information and content (this is information that is available only to those who are fans on Facebook,) and let your customers know how very much they are appreciated.

Strained for Time?

If you are strained for time or simply aren’t sure how to implement these various things on Facebook, many professionals are available to take care of the hard work for you. They can make things simple and easy for you and your busy life while ensuring that you are getting all of the best promotion possible.

Social networking is just that-being social. As long as you are taking advantage of every opportunity to socialize with your followers, a successful relationship will be yours to enjoy. If you haven’t already joined in, what are you waiting for? Social networking sites are the “in” thing to do!


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