10 Social Inspiration People Metrics You Can’t Ignore – Part 1

Welcome to the inspiration age fueled by people. We are no longer simply in an information or technology age. This era is about people. Yes, we have tons of technology and it’s changing faster than we can keep up with. However, the tech, social networks, likes and clicks are nothing without people behind them, reading them, learning, growing and sharing.

1. Inspiration. Are you inspiring your community members, partners and clients to try, do, and be more? Do they feel inspired to write, share and give more than before to their own community?

2. Empowerment. Are they empowered because of the value you offer them? Does the knowledge help them feel confident and able to take on the task, project, mean boss, day or week? Do they feel better empowered to inspire change within their organization?

3. Grow. Are they growing and learning as a result of your business and personal relationship? Are you sharing insights that helps them learn, pivot when necessary and take  a leap of faith that takes their career to the next level?

4. Career. Are they growing in their career as a result of working with you and your organization? Have they learned new skills that have helped them achieve a promotion or increased visibility?  Could they maybe use a coaching session from you on where to go next with their career? Do you have insights that you can share that can help them navigate an internal organizational change?

5. Pay it forward.  Has their success also enabled, empowered and inspired them to help others? There is no better metric in my book than to see a client share what they have learned from me or my organization with a team member who is thirsty for the information or needs such to do or keep their job.  This is one of the best metrics in my book.

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