The iPhone Mobile App for LinkedIn

The iPad application for LinkedIn works with both iPhone and iPad and is available to download from the iTunes App Store.

This application has a clean home screen that smoothly connects you to your inbox, newsfeed or profile with one simple touch. The LinkedIn application has a top menu bar for your profile, inbox and profile and is set to optimize your LinkedIn experience. A drop down menu allows you to access groups and sort your news feeds. The profile category lets you send an email without navigating back to your inbox. The icons on this new application are straightforward and allow you to simply interact with your professional network.

One of the favorite features on the LinkedIn iPad application is the ability to synchronize your calendar. Syncing helps you track your connections, activities,  local weather and the stock market. If you have an upcoming meeting, the new application lets you navigate to a profile in a couple of touches, this will let you quickly update yourself on that person. This is ideal if you’re talking with a client, you can speak specifically to their interests and requirements. Of course the sync ability is perfect for meetings, you can check your availability with ease and pencil out the time within seconds.

The new LinkedIn iPad app allows multiple gesture control methods to navigate but is defaulted for the simple touch commands.  The news feed presents highlights in a flip board style, you swipe your finger to browse through them. When you find an article of interest you touch it and are presented with a brief overview, if you wish to read the entire article you will be forwarded to it’s source. The navigation is simple and straightforward and you can always return home with one simple touch.

The LinkedIn iPad application has a nice layout and functionality. Many consider it to be more visually appealing and easier to use than the online experience. It shows your profile with your current position, previous positions, and education. The list of who has viewed your profile, potential connections, and your current connections are listed below. Your profile is available for view at the slide of a finger.  Viewed profiles will show the same career and education history information as your profile. It will also show their professional summary and shared connections below.


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