Engaging, Connecting and Developing Content – Introduction

Here is a simple formula for creating content that effectively communicates your point, especially if the subject matter is novel or complex. This strategy can also dramatically reduce the time it takes you to put together tutorials, white papers, or presentations of any sort. The key is to cover all the bases when it comes to the different learning styles of the audience. Let me elaborate on that point a bit. One way in which otherwise quality content fails to satisfy the needs of much of the prospective audience is by failing to address different learning styles.

Moreover, failing to properly structure the different approaches to communicating information will leave many of your readers confused and your content in shambles from a flow perspective.

Studies have identified four discrete styles of learning based on the different ways people perceive information:

1. Innovative Learners (approximately 35% of people) want to know why they should learn something, and how it will benefit them. This is the “what’s in it for them” factor.

2. Analytic Learners (approximately 22% of people) want “just the facts,” and will be keen to see what the features or supporting data looks like once the benefits have been communicated.

3. Common Sense Learners (approximately 18% of people) are interested in how things work, and are best served by concrete, experiential learning activities.

4. Dynamic Learners (approximately 25% of people) are enthralled with the possibilities offered by the information, rely heavily on their own intuition, and seek to teach both themselves and others.

Whether you are writing for a blog, e-book, newsletter, marketing campaign or even Twitter Tweets, as a writer you need to connect with your audience. If you are unable to connect with your readers, then as a writer, it is impossible to be successful. Over the next few weeks, we will go through each learning style as well as methods and techniques to engage and connect with your readers!

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