Time for an Update

Thanks so much for those of you who let me know you have been missing my blog posts.  The last two months have been rather crazy – no excuse – just the reason I have been silent for awhile.

But let’s get back in the groove.  My plan going forward it add some spice to my blog posts with video and other useful tips to help you navigate the crazy and ever-changing waters of social media.

Today, the tip is a simple one.  It’s time to log into LinkedIn and update your profile.  If you haven’t been there recently, you may not realize that the profile format that your connections and others see has completely changed and information that was visible before is now hidden.  While the design is more visually pleasing, it has definitely caused frustration and confusion by the user base.

Also, some of the applications you may have been using are no longer supported by LinkedIn as of December 11, 2012, including:

But don’t despair.  The addition of the Endorsement feature is gathering steam and allows you to get the ‘thumbs up’ from connections who might otherwise not write a full recommendation – or be qualified to write a comprehensive recommendation.

The most important thing to pay attention to is that your own website links are visible to everyone.  LinkedIn is where people can find you and check you out…but chances are there are other places on the web where you want to send them to learn even more – your website, your blog, your facebook page, your twitter account and more.

Would love to hear your comments.

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