Why Social Media Marketing Isn’t Working For You

You’ve joined in on the social media frenzy for your business, possibly creating a page on Facebook or Twitter and setting up your own blog. You’ve heard all of the success stories that have been had with the sites, yet you seem to be falling short of producing results that make it worth your time. Before you give up and throw in the towel, consider some of the mistakes that could possibly be standing in the way of your success. You can turn all of these mistakes around with minimal effort and soon begin to see the results that you have heard so much about.

No one Knows you are There

They can come only if they know of your existence. Creating a page but failing to promote it is a common mistake that individuals make. Take every chance that comes your way to tell people that you are on Facebook or Twitter or other social media site. Link them to your newsletters, offer special offers and comment on other people’s posts. This gives the opportunity for more to learn that you are there and gets you the needed results.

Inconsistent Posting

This can actually take on a couple of meanings. First it can mean that you do not post enough on your social media sites. Second it can mean that you post too much. Where is the middle ground you may ask? While you don’t want to post something to your social media site every 15 minutes, you also do not want to stay away for weeks or months at a time. Posting once a day on each of your social sites is usually sufficient but some sites require more (like Twitter) and others can be maintained with less (like Pinterest). In general, people need a reminder that you are there without being spammed. FInd the balance that works for your audience.

It just isn’t Interesting

You’ve got massive followers on your social media outlets, yet do not seem to be bringing in new customers. What’s the deal? Perhaps you aren’t posting information relevant to their needs. Everyone wants to hear about something interesting and gratifying, and if that isn’t what you are posting, beware!

It’s all about you

If you only post information that promotes you and your business, you will drive your followers away. The more you make it about them, their burning questions, their problems, their needs – the more compelling you will be and the wider your audience becomes.

You’re Operating on a One-way Street

Remember, it is called social networking, which means you need to be social. Just as people may comment on your posts or tweets, you need to comment back to those. In addition posting comments to others is a good idea.

You Forgot Respect

Although this one should be common sense, many people in the world of social media forget to respect the privacy of others. You shouldn’t post photos of other people, nor should you “tag” them without prior approval. You should also take into consideration mentioning others in your posts without their okay as well. While this protocol is often disregarded, it will earn you trust and loyalty if you show respect for others.

These are only a few of the common mistakes being made by people far and wide when it comes to social media networking. Luckily they are also things that will not take much effort to change and produce the amazing results that you want.

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