What is Pinterest?

If you ever listen to the news or surf the web, Pinterest is certainly a name that you have heard before. Whether it was spotting a Pinterest tag on a website you were visiting or hearing someone mention they “pinned” something, this fast growing social networking site continues to bring people together to share the things they most love as well as a convenient method of remembering all of these things they have seen.

Becoming a member isn’t as simple as going to the website and joining, however. You’ll need to request one from Pinterest, or have someone already a member refer you. Currently there is quite the long waiting list for those waiting for a Pinterest request to be completed.

Once you have created a free Pinterest membership you will be able to share the beautiful things that you find in one easy to use spot. You can add photos from other websites or from your computer, and they will be added to your board, along with a link back to the site of the photo. This means no more struggling to remember the thing that you wanted so bad Friday night. It is all now in one spot, complete with photo and website link.

Other people can view your Pinboard, giving them new ideas, and you can do the same. Who knows the things that you can find and discover in just a few moments of your time with an amazing site such as Pinterest! Each person on Pinterest has the potential to fill you with something beyond the normal and out of your wildest imagination. Follow those that you want, and they’ll follow you back. You will always be the first to see the newest additions from those that you follow.

People use Pinterest for a number of different reasons, such as to help them plan a wedding or baby shower to organize a recipe collection. There is no right or wrong reason to use Pinterest: if there is something that you need new ideas and inspiration on, this is the place that you can get it. If you need a place to keep track of the things that you love you can do it.

You can pin any and everything that you would like to pin! If it is something that you find enjoyable for any reason, Pinterest says pin it! You may wish to pin that gorgeous swimming suit that you saw on sale or a report concerning health tips for pregnancy. You may wish to pin recipes that you love to cook or your favorite children’s retailers. There is absolutely no limit to the things that you can pin once you have pinned yourself an invite!

Pinterest is a great site for men and women of all ages, and teens can find that they are able to throw out a good time with the help of the site. It is easy to use and so much fun, always offering the user something new and exciting and a lot of knowledge as well.

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