Using Social Media and Web 2.0 to Share Your Blog

In this day and age, we are all connected.  Thanks to social networking sites and the like, we all have a web presence.  In fact, the primary form of social interaction is now online.  In order to take advantage of this, you should utilize the various social media to draw attention to your blog.  There are numerous ways to share information that you find on the internet with clients, customers, and readers. Web 2.0 is the concept of virtual community and online interaction – people can go online and share almost anything.  With the new social applications, everyone that you know and everyone that they know are all potential readers of your blog as well as potential clients of your business. There are several applications as well as social sharing toolbars specifically for improving the visibility of your blog.

Facebook, Twitter, Google +

Facebook, Twitter, and Google + all make it convenient to use your browser and smart phone to inform readers of your blog as well as all of your thoughts and business insights.  While I have already discussed this elsewhere, a quick reminder: by linking your profile to your blog and vice-versa, you can expand your readership.  Also, you will promote synergy between the two, so that  you can use each to focus on different aspects of your business.  By utilizing social networks effectively, you can open up new markets while maintaining a viable web presence.

The following are some useful tools that can make it easier to keep your blog interesting and to make sure it gets seen:


This social media toolbar centers its product around three words: Search.  Explore.  Experience.  By using Apture, you are presenting your visitors quality time while they are searching for the needed information.  It also has a neat and smart social-sharing platform that makes it easy for anyone to share your information and inform everyone about the wonderful insights and engaging, trustworthy information that they can read about on your blog.

Wibiya’s Web Toolbar

Wibiya’s Web Toolbar features allow your website to provide a large range of social media sharing and integration.  It works with major social media platforms such as Twitter, Yahoo and Facebook.  There are numerous applications, such as 3D photo galleries, customized, smart shares, and also regular updates and news that allow readers to enjoy your blog more.

Snap Shots

When it comes to website design and internal linking, Snap Shot is the answer.  This application allows your visitors to navigate through your site without having to constantly switch back and forth between tabs, so that readers are less annoyed when searching and more likely to remain on your site.  Its accessible snap shot icon gives you multiple social media sites to choose from for sharing, so that readers can share your blog easily.  This simple webtool not only makes your visitor have a enjoyable experience but also helps increase traffic and potential readership to your site.

Hoot SuiteHYPERLINK “” Social Share

This platform is packed with numerous types of suite applications that can do anything from posting, sharing, and scheduling as well as monitoring.  Other sophisticated tools that Hoot Suite Social Share includes are a URL shortener, campaigning tools, tracking and analytics as well as file uploads.

By correctly using social media and Web 2.0 tools, you can fully integrate your web strategy to best include your website and blog  It takes a daily commitment to make your blog not only interesting and informative but also share friendly and easy to navigate so that your readers are more likely to share your blog and thoughts with their friends.


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