Start With a Few Minutes a Day

I continued to learn every day from my clients, my audiences, and my listeners that the number one obstacle for sustained social media success is TIME!  I get it…I really do get it.  We are all busy and the overwhelm with the demands of social media can feel crushing.

Vision imageI want you to push the rock out of your way and look at the sky.  That beautiful blue sky is what you are reaching for and the universe of wonderful people are there waiting for your message.  So here are some of my best tips to put you on a sustainable path to success.

1.  Log in to your favorite site first thing in the morning. Check for new messages and respond immediately.  Scan your news feeds to see what people in your network are saying or doing. If you are on LinkedIn, take a quick moment to like or comment on their post and even better, send a personal message acknowledge them with a friendly 1 or 2 sentence note.  If you are on Facebook, check the posts on your home page and do the same thing – like or comment – even better, get in the habit of sharing when appropriate.

2.  Make sure you take the time to post something about yourself or something that will put your profile and your picture front and center with your network.  What are you doing today? What inspired you this morning? What question would you like to ask? What did you think of the game last night or the best TV show you just saw?  Keep in mind, social comes before business, but don’t miss the chance to share a tip or two – sharing what you know and how it can help others will go a long way in growing your network and engaging people for future business opportunities

3.  Don’t forget about Twitter. Check your stream for chances to retweet and reach out to others. Pay attention to who just followed you and if you follow back, decide if they belong in one of your Lists so you can tune in to specific conversations more easily in the future.

Set one goal for something to happen every day while you are on social media. Maybe a new connection or introduction; maybe an exchange in a discussion forum; maybe a request for a recommendation.

Just a few minutes a day will bring huge dividends in a very short period of time. Remember, social media is not a ‘set it and forget it’ platform.  It requires a little bit of effort and once people get to know you, like you, and trust you – then the magic happens!

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