Social Media Basics and Tips

Social media is one of the best as well as fastest ways to get your name, brand and experience out there.   Currently, companies and entrepreneurs alike use social media to take their promotional endeavors to the next level. However, while the Internet makes it a breathe to connect with people across the world, rules still apply. In addition, if you do not follow them, chances are that your campaign may never be successful.  Listed below are basic tips to start implanting in your social media campaign.

  1. Observe: Take time to discover and understand what is going on and learn the best ways to participate. In order to do this you must first listen rather than immediately make your voice known.
  2. Participate: Join the activity, contribute to the conversations, and offer useful insights from your experiences.
  3. Contribute:  Your activities should be primarily sharing and less receiving.
  4. Focus: Trying to do it all means that you will quickly burn out. Only take on as much as you can manage.
  5. Talk: Start and add to conversations.
  6. Be Real: Honesty is always the best policy. It is never a good idea to lie or exaggerate.
  7. Don’t Sell: Relationship FIRST.  Business SECOND.
  8. Discuss: Be open to sharing your thoughts and point of view.
  9. Affirm: Be positive. Negativity can get you into a lot of trouble.
  10. Prioritize: Concentrate your efforts so that you don’t waste time.


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