Social Media and Writing – Part 1

In this blog, I am going to bring two worlds together that truly depend on each other for their individual success.  By blending writing and social media together, you are able to do two things.  The first thing you are able to do is develop better content.  Social media is a giant world of resources and inspiration to really stretch your writing mind and knowledge.  The second one is the ability to get your brand out there and known to the world.  Whether you have been, using social media for years of you are a newbie on the scene, this information is key to know and understand fully.

1.  Engaging in Valuable Connections

Use social media is endless networking possibilities to your advantage.  This is the beautiful thing about Twitter and Facebook.  It is an open invitation to connect your social media account with people who share the same interest as your industry.  You do not have to know them personally to follow them or “Like”.  Engage yourself with industry people who inspire, entertain, educate or even just amaze you with their work.  The important thing is to be selective with who you follow or allow to follow you.  Stick with your industry niche in order to get the best results from Social Media as a networking platform.

2.  Balance Your Information

Stay away from extremes when it comes to expressing yourself.   You want to seem real-so being extremely happy and positive about your emotions will seem unrealistic.  At the same time, avoid complaining and being overly negative.  This is something to keep in mind not only for potential fans, but also for potential agents or editors. You should own your voice, but be professional.  Of course, it always helps to be interesting. No one will want to follow you if you are saying or posting things that everyone else is saying or posting.

3.  Brand with Caution

Fight the urge to promote everything you writes — your followers do not need constant reminders that you are a great writer.  What [readers] prefer is seeing who you really are and getting to know both your tone and your attitude. If they like what they read in that, they will often gravitate toward you.  To minimize self-promotion, finding a way to brand yourself by focusing on specific topics. You do not want to overdo and turn people away.

Next week, we will pick back up with this topic by discussing the last three.

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