The Magic of Twitter

The Magic of Twitter

Twitter is a social networking site known for its “tweets.” If you have been in the dark somewhere and are unsure what a Tweet is, it is a form of micro-blogging that allows you to tell a group of “followers” about you, your company, products, specials and more, in 140 characters or less (with some bandwidth for images, hyperlinks and notifications). There are millions of people currently using Twitter for personal and business use, and adding yourself to these numbers can do wonders in building your business.

The goal on Twitter is to get followers – followed by engagement. These followers are people who will see your posts every time an update is made. In addition you have the ability to follow other people. A good rule of thumb is to follow the people back who follow you. The more people that you have following you, the better you are doing. More exposure, more customers, more sales. These are all things that you can expect when you have a large following behind you.

But things aren’t as simple as getting people to follow you. You must have individuals who are actually interested in what you are offering following you, those who will tell others about your company and what you are doing. It is a word-of-mouth gone virtual type of thing. Many who attempt to use Twitter for business promotion do not understand this concept or how to make it work for them, resulting in less than desirable results being attained.

To put an end to all of that, follow these tips and you can make Twitter work in promoting your business and never find disappointment in your efforts.

Make a Complete Profile

A complete profile is the only kind of profile that you need. There are many options that can be customized on Twitter, and you should take advantage of them all. You should take the time to personalize your page to match the branding of your company.

Understand the Twitter Dynamics

Classified ads sections Twitter is not. You want to ensure that you get followers, not lookers, on Twitter. You can do this with beneficial tweets, following others and by not spamming people with news, specials, etc. The more value you provide in your tweets, the more effective you will become. You should be active in the Twitter community. This can be done by tweeting regularly as well as retweeting and commenting on others tweets as much as you can. Keep in mind, however, that a post every 5 minutes isn’t necessary and will do more harm than good. Finally, do not directly promote. For example, if you sell grills, do not write a post about why XXX company is the best to buy it from. Instead, write about the types of grills that you see and the benefits of those grills.

Build your Base

How can you let others know you are on Twitter and build a larger base of followers? There are several ways in which this can be done. First, there are many links Twitter offers that can be posted on your email signature, forums, website, blog sites and more. These links state “Follow me on Twitter” and take the person directly to your Twitter page. When you post, ensure that you invite everyone to follow you on twitter. You should also search for other Twitter users and follow them, as well as people who are following those other users. Find and use Twitter lists.

Twitter has become a major media resource for news, information, hot topics, and more. Become part of the conversation. There are no barriers – anyone can follow you without the barriers that exist on other sites. Think of Tweets as fairy dust you throw out into the universe…you never know whose shoulders it may drop on! And remember, you can magnetize your fairy dust through the effective use of hashtags (#).

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