Facebook Isn’t Just for the Kids

When you think of Facebook the first thing that probably comes to mind is kids and teenagers coming together to talk and chat, play games and socialize. However, research can easily prove that Facebook is far more than a platform for kids. Of the more than 140 million Facebook users, nearly half of those are college age or older. It is one of those things that “everyone is doing,” and if you own a business or are selling a product, it can be one of the very best methods of advertising that you will ever find.

Facebook is an amazing social media marketing platform that can help you reach your target audience, and promoting toys isn’t the only way to find success from the Mark Zuckerberg creation. Whatever you have to give to an audience, Facebook is one of the most prominent, most affordable ways of doing it. You can reach a far greater audience (even globally) using Facebook and find success that you never knew before.

How to use Facebook

Using Facebook as advertising allows you to do several things. First, you can gain an array of new clients. With so many users, a bit of advertising is all that is needed to significantly increase the people who are familiar with, and using, your product or service. Facebook can be used to stay in touch with current customers, as a way of promoting products and services or to create buzz about your business, whether it is a contest, a free sample or an exciting game.

There are several tools on Facebook that can help you do these things and more, including Facebook Pages and Facebook groups. Facebook pages allows you to create a page for your business, just as you can create a personal page for yourself. Creating a page will cost you absolutely nothing, and provide you the platform to enlighten customers with information about your brand, photos, special offers and more. There will be space to provide details about yourself and your company, your values and missions and more. There are even pages specific to certain individuals, such as “local business” and “artist or band.” People can “like” your page and hopefully after seeing what you offer and what you are all about become customers. Once they have “liked” your page they will see all of the updates that are posted in their newsfeed. This is an excellent way to attract other followers as well.

Facebook Groups are similar to Facebook pages, however groups are built around a certain group of people rather than a business or brand. For example, if you want to target groups of people who like hot and spicy foods, you could do so on Facebook. Only those with a Facebook account can create a group. These groups can be used to create awareness of your product, however there is no ability to “like” a group as you can when a page is created.

The best marketing tool for you depends on your needs. You should consider your goals when using Facebook to promote to decided which is the best for your company. It may even be that both of the methods can be valuable to your services. Keep this in mind and you will be well on your way to Facebook promoting success.

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