Do’s & Don’ts of Facebook Marketing

Despite being millions connected to Facebook on a daily basis, the simple addition of your page is not enough to attract the volume of people to your company or product. Marketing with Facebook must be used with strategically placed elements for success to occur, ultimately resulting in more customers, more sales, and more profit.

When your Facebook page is up and running and you’re ready to make social marketing work for you, take these do’s and don’ts with you and find the success you are after. Read and understand carefully each of the tips, and you, too, can learn how easy it is to win big.

Do: Socialize with your Customers

Facebook provides a free forum in which you can socialize and interact with your customers, one of the very best ways to show them you are a company that really cares. Facebook offers the chance for businesses to post updates as often as they would like, list company information, photos, special deals, newsletters, videos, contests, free offers and so much more. In addition they can respond to customers via posts they leave on your wall or send to your message box.

Don’t: Turn off Comments

As stated above, Facebook is a great way to interact with customers. With that being said, ensure that you do not turn off the comments section on your page.  Customers can interact with each other in addition to the company, another great way to spread the word as it appears on more people’s walls.

Do: Take Advantage of Facebook Places

Facebook Places is a location-based application. It allows the user to check in with their network no matter where they are. This is perfect for brick-and-mortar stores, as you can use Places to advertise promotions such as freebies and contests when they check in to your location.

Don’t: Use Events for RSPV

Although this may seem like an easy way to get attendees for an event, using the RSPV feature on Facebook prevents you from attaining information that can be used for marketing. Your RSVP should always occur when an email is given.

Do: Add a “Like” Button to your Website

A “like” button for Facebook is a must on your website. It allows the person to directly connect to you via Facebook without hassle. It should be placed on a spot it is likely to be seen, such as near email list sign-ups.

Don’t: Forget the Welcome Page

Setting up a welcome page is easy to do and is much more pleasant for a visitor to see upon arrival at your page. It should be colorful and inspiring, resulting in customers liking what they see. YouTube videos are great to post information, and blogs are as well.

As you can see, all of the do’s and don’ts of a successful Facebook business relationship are simple and easy for anyone to use. When you see what a difference you can have with these changes, you are sure to wake up each day with a smile on your face.

Do: Budget for Advertising and Promoting Posts

What has changed the most is that if you want to have your posts seen by the people who have liked your page, then you are going to have to spend some money. It’s easy; it’s affordable; and it works…more on this in future posts!

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