What LinkedIn Can Do for You

LinkedIn is a wonderful tool that is often under-used. It can be help you make a sale or get a job. Here is a list of just some of the ways you can use LinkedIn:

1. Enhance your online visibility

Completing a profile and making connections instantly increases the chances of someone seeing your name near the top of the list when they are searching for someone to hire. A large number of personal contacts also increases your chances of being looked at, as people would much rather work with people who their friends know and trust than a complete stranger.

2. Increase your connections

The majority of new users start by only putting their current position in their profile, this can be a mistake. This limits the ability to be seen and makes your skills and work history seem rather limited. This is your chance to sell yourself, put everything down. This is your online resume and you want people to find it. Connecting with old co-workers improves your visibility and makes you more accessible to others.

3. Join peer groups

Find groups that are related to your field and actively participate in them by asking and answering questions. This increases your visibility and shows your knowledge, it also gives others the chance get to know you and increase your networking contacts.

4. Post questions

Do not be afraid to ask questions. A desire for knowledge shows an aptitude for growth and there are always people out there who are willing to help. Linked in has several forums where you can ask for help to streamline your profile or ask field related questions. At these forums you will get answers from people who know.

5. Improve your Google PageRank and search engine results.

Your LinkedIn profile allows you to promote your blog or website and makes your name more visible on a Google search.  To strengthen your visibility include a link to your LinkedIn profile in your email tag or whenever you post a comment.

6. Do background checks

Companies will use LinkedIn to do a background search on you, so why can’t you use it on them? Search for a company through LinkedIn and you can find out information about a company before you go for the interview. You might even find that you have a connection that works at the company or knows someone who does and they might be able to provide you with more information.  You can also do some research on your prospective manager

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