Do I Need a Company Page on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is for far more than a personal resume or job search location. Linked in is also a place to showcase your company.

A fully established company page on LinkedIn is a valuable resource. It allows prospective employees to ‘scope’ you out, it raises your Google page rank, and increases your companies visibility on the internet.

To ensure that you have a good company profile you need fill out all the relevant details. Start by ensuring that you have your company logo on the page, you want to be the first thing that catches their eye; people recognize logos more often than company names.

Fill out the company description. Let people know what your company does, what the company goals are and the company practices. If your company prides themselves on running a ‘Green’ office then put that in the profile, if your company has some honor or award that is relevant to the field put that in as well. People like to get a feel for a company and how they operate. There is no need to put things like Equal Opportunity Employer, that should go without saying.

List all of the job positions in your company and request that your employees include themselves on your company page in their positions. Don’t force your employees to list themselves as not everyone is comfortable with having themselves out there in public view or with technology. If a position is currently open then under the job title put that the position is open so that others know when you are hiring.

Create a page that lists your products or services. This will allow you to highlight your companies offerings and let other know what you are about. This also give you a showcase where you can put links to new articles, web pages, accomplishments or anything else a customer or potential employee might be interested in.

Keep your company page updated. As employees move on or up in the company have the positions on your company profile change. Also occasionally update your status with latest news on products or the industry. An updated status shows that your company has an active account and that you are taking the time to interact with the public.

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