Are You Missing the LinkedIn Target? Part 2

Unlike Twitter and Facebook, LinkedIn is a social media platform that completely focuses on networking for professionals.  Did you know that LinkedIn has over 467 MILLION professionals registered on the site? The potential to connecting, networking even finding a job is an overwhelming reality but only on one condition-you have to use it right!  Time is a precious commodity and every minute wasted could be a potential in furthering your career.

Are you wondering if you are one of those people who are missing the target for using LinkedIn?  Last blog, I covered three target points no one should miss when it comes to how people see you on LinkedIn.  This blog is going to cover the target points concerning your activity and profile on LinkedIn.  Let’s dive right in!

1.  Are you active?

Many people make the biggest mistake by assuming once you have a profile on LinkedIn, then that’s it.  All of a sudden, magic is supposed to happen…no these people are sadly mistaken.  If you want network connections then it takes work.  It takes being on it at least three times a week if not more.

Focus Point: Take the time to schedule out time to spend updating and connecting at least three times a week. 

2.  Include your name in the URL.

When you view your profile, your LinkedIn Public Profile URL is at the bottom of the first section. You can customize that to be your name so that it reads- name. Why do you care about your public profile URL? Two reasons:

a) It’s cleaner for adding to your email signature, business cards, collateral
b) It’s easy for others to remember, especially if you have a name that is common or not so easy to spell.

Focus Point:  Your name is your brand-make sure people see that!

3.  Make your connections open

By leaving your Connections open to your connections, you will expand your network and invite new introductions and business opportunities. There may be compelling reason not to do this depending on the privacy of your network, but remember, if you hide your connection, you may be leaving opportunities on the table.

Focus Point:  Be Open but Cautious

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