Copy Writing-Part 1

It is the ultimate frustration. You have put time into your blog, you are following the popular advice, and you are doing XYZ to your blog because important-blogger-so-and-so says it works for them. Everything seems to be going smoothly, so you decide to take the leap and put up a sales page for your new service.

Then you wait. If you put it up, they will come, right?

You know better. This is not the way to take your blog to a business.

You might be an amazing writer. You can have subscribers who love you, even.


However, the #1 reason your product or service is not selling is:

Writing Copy Takes A Certain Technique.


Do not feel too bad. Many writers struggle with that fact.   Businesses have great copy that speaks to their audience. Blogs do not. If you do not know how to talk to your people when it is time to offer them a solution to the problem you can uniquely solve for them, you are in for a reality check.  Fortunately, it is not too hard to figure out what is wrong with your site copy. There are four main reasons why you are not grasping the correct Copy Writing Technique.

  1. No experience behind what you are writing
  2. Your writing is not clear enough.
  3. Your consumer is confused about what you are sending
  4. Your consumer is confused why you are selling your product.


Tune in next week when I dig deeper into each of these.

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