Different Programs for Sending an Email Newsletter

Whether your website is HTML or based off of, for example, WordPress, there are a number of programs available to set up and send an email newsletter. First, let us look at a couple of ways to to this through WordPress, then we will look at some programs that can work with either format. For WordPress users, there are some very simple methods for creating an email newsletter for no cost, but the options and features will be limited. The other programs may cost money, but they offer a great deal for the price.

The first method for WordPress users is simply to utilize one of the many plugins that will allow you to set up an email newsletter WP Email Capture is a free plugin that will not pecisely do this, but it will allow you to collect and store emails, then export them to popular services. It is not by itself a way to have a newsletter, but it can be a good way to get started. By using WordPress and FeedBurner, you can create a free email newsletter. This is great for very small businesses, where money is a factor. However, you will not be able to exercise complete control; you cannot segment emails nor control when they are actually delivered. So while this is a great option for small businesses or beginners, it will not work for larger companies. EMailBuddy is a plugin which costs a one-time payment, rather than monthly. It allows you to send newsletters and collect email addresses into groups, but it does not offer the features that these next programs provide.

One of the very best services available is MailChimp. This is a comprehensive email service which can basically cover all the bases for a newsletter. Mailchimp offers certain services for free, within a limit. For example, you can collect emails, up to two thousand, send up to six email updates a month, for no cost. If you go above two thousand subscribers and twelve thousand emails a month, you will ahve to pay for the privilege, but the price is right, because MailChimp has tracking, auto-response capabilities, email templates, targeting options and a number of ways to study your results, such as split testing your campaigns and more. This is about as complete a service as you can get, and will allow you to really focus your newsletter as narrowly or widely as you wish, while observing feedback and tailoring your marketing in response. MailChimp has plugins or code, depending on your preference, and you can customize your newsletter to your heart’s content,.

AWeber will let you sign up for just one dollar. They also offer email autoresponders, RSS to email service (which will turn your blog directly into an email newsletter) over 1500 email templates to choose from and excellent customer support. In truth, recommending between MailChimp and AWeber is difficult. You may just want to look at both sites and see which you prefer.

So as you can see, regardless of yoru price range, the size of your business or any other factors, there is a way to generate an email newsletter that will fit your budget and cater to your needs. While some services are free and some cost money, they all serve a similar purpose. Take a good hard look at the needs of your business and then choose a service that’s right for your. In the long run, it will only benefit you and your customers.

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