The Importance of using SEO and Keywords for Your Blog

SEO: Search Engine Optimization – the process of improving visibility in a search engine’s results.

Keyword: A word or words people type into a search engine.  Also, words that can be used to target a blog or web page by matching the most likely searches.

Elsewhere on my site and in the many seminars and trainings that I provide each year, I stress the importance of correctly using SEO and Keywords to increase your business and maximize your business opportunities. The importance of these two terms cannot be stressed enough, as this is what determines your ranking in Google Search results and the results of other search engines. Research has consistently shown that most readers do not click past the first few links on the first page of search results, so you need to take every step you can to increase your ranking.

To illustrate my point and make it simple to follow, below I have listed a foolproof method to make your website or blog more SEO friendly.  When choosing keywords it is important to understand two concepts: Keyword Balance and Zeroing in on Keyword Choices.

Keyword Balance

One of the best ways to get your blog listed on Google page one is to use keywords that are low in competition.  This free Google Keyword Tool click here is simple to use and helps you find the best keywords that will help you target the correct audience and steer them to your business’ blog and website.

For example, the words I would use from this blog would be:

  • ·Keywords
  • ·Competition
  • ·Website
  • ·SEO friendly
  • ·Blog

As you can see, all five words are low in competition, which means there are few websites that use these particular keywords.  By choosing these words, you are ensuring your blog will be listed in the top results when others are searching the internet for specific words.

Zeroing in on Keyword Choices

When you are thinking of keywords, try to think of words that people who are searching for companies and services like yours might use. When I am writing a blog post, I go through it when I am finished and highlight possible keywords.  If I write a blog that is around 300 to 500 words, I try to at least choose between 10 to 15 words.  This way I give myself a good option of words just in case some are high competition or have a global search score lower than 10,000.

Choosing keywords that work for you can be hit or miss, but over time you will learn what keywords best improve your search rankings. Remember to go back and use the analytic tools that are provided by Google to analyze and test what works and go back and change and fine tune your keyword choices, over time you will improve your rankings.


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