Removing Doubts about Blogging for Business Success

We are living in a world that is internet driven, where people are more connected than ever before and are finding strength in and embracing diversity. The old dividing lines between age, race, culture, economic and social backgrounds, and even political boundaries of countries are changing as individuals from all of these various groups join together to learn more about one another.  In the process of this learning, gaps are being bridged, partnerships are being formed, and trade is being conducted in avenues and venues that were impossible just a few years ago. Every individual in the world is literally becoming both a potential customer and a potential competitor. In this world of global markets and competition, the businesses that best adapt to this changing market landscape will be the most likely to reap the rewards of these emerging challenges and opportunities. In order to do so, you should utilize every tool available.  Blogging is only one such too, but a highly effective one!

 Blogging Allows Business Leaders to:

Conduct free “market research” into the wants and needs of readers and customers and potential customers by reading their comments to blog posts and using this to drive product research and development to create services that provide the best solutions to potential problems.

Create free or nearly free advertising that increases web traffic to your business 24/7. This is impossible with print advertising, Media spots, or cold calling.

Develop contacts that create the impression that only you and your company can provide the services that are needed and wanted by readers and potential clients to solve their problems, which leads to opportunities for increased brand loyalty, and brand visibility, again, for free or almost free.

Informing readers about your business and conducting business 24/7. With blogging and a website, your business never “closes”.

Rapid changes can be made to your marketing strategy and ad copy when it is on the internet on your blog. You can also more effectively target specific audiences to your product, again, at no cost.

You are never left wondering or waiting on a sales report about what is and is not working for your presentation. Blog comments by readers provide you with instant feedback-both good and bad, so that you can fix problems fast.

You can target and test and tweak to improve your results using free tools such as Google analytics, so that you are able to track whether or not you are hitting your target demographic.  You also are able to keep up with keyword searches as well as the price for ads and place daily limits on ad spending so that you don’t bankrupt your company with uncontrolled ad expenses.

You can follow your competition to tailor your web strategy to dominate your market. With social media you are able to see exactly what your competition is writing, saying, and using as well as where the rank online.  By having this ability, you can instantly understand where your weak points are versus your strong points.  It is important to always stay ahead of your competition online.  Once you get behind, it can be hard to catch up.

By using your blog in the right way, you have the ability to transform readers and clients from customers to advocates for you and your service. Loyal followers will drive traffic to your site and do your work for you in convincing friends and family to try your services.

Everyone needs to understand and become comfortable with using the many advances in social media platforms and applications to generate and improve their businesses by becoming more connected with customers and potential customers. By properly utilizing blogging as another tool of the trade, you can maximize your potential customer base while receiving valuable feedback that can help you improve your goods or services.


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