Proactive Blogging

The amount of new content created online every day is staggering. The simple fact of the matter is, the world will never know how great your blog is unless you take the first vital steps toward promotion and article marketing. 

The best way to initiate this is to meet other new bloggers who are also looking for an audience. Through social  media networks, you can find an audience, which will lead to comments, and more people you can reach through social media.

Start by casting a wide net with bloggers first, then start networking and experimenting with other social media circles.

1. Be Active in Established Networks

Chances are you’re already a member of a few established social media networks just for personal use. It may be overwhelming to choose from the multiple networks available but consider which ones are more likely to be used by members of your demographic to narrow down the choices.

Having said that, remember that it’s not just about joining a network that counts. You have to interact. Post questions in their forums, respond to others, and participate in events. Visit the blogs and comment everyday.

2. Comment on Blogs You Like

As you make your way through the various social media networks, make thoughtful comments and support others’ blogs and pages with genuinely insightful contributions.

Don’t just say “great post, come read my blog.” It will come off as self-absorbed and competitive. Your effort will be rewarded if you take the time to comment with genuine insight.

3. Make Friends

Through the social media networks, you will naturally start gravitating to other bloggers who have started their endeavors at the same time as you and similarly, they will be drawn to you.

4. Find your Equals

It is a waste of time to try and climb the popularity ladder of social media by wedging yourself into the dialogue at the most popular blog sites.

Don’t aim that high when networking in social media. Aim to network with others that are equal to you in stature and reputation. They will be the ones to support you and return your involvement with their site with contributions to your own.

5. Dedicate Time to Networking

Writing blog posts is easy. Networking on the other hand is hard. It takes time, and it requires a commitment to daily contributions to an ongoing dialogue. Even if you only dedicate a few minutes a day to networking, commit and actually do it.

A slow but consistent drip of contact with your audience members that reaffirms your presence is far better than flooding people once every two months with sporadic comments and tweets.

The most beneficial method of promotion is through social media networking. Give readers what they want with genuinely interesting content and community building. In that way, they will not only continue reading your content, they will pass it along to their friends and others in their social media communities.


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