Drawing Attention to Your Business with a Blog

Previously, I have defined the business purpose of a blog, why  a blog is important for your web strategy, the importance of using SEO and Keyword Research to improve the rankings and visibility of your blog and how to deal with obstacles to content creation.  Now, let’s outline some simple strategies to help draw attention to your business using your blog, by identifying the needs of your readers and providing solutions in a trustworthy and engaging manner that is faithful to the image you wish to convey, so that your business grows along with  your blog readership.

·     Show Your Readers RESPECT

Show your readers you appreciate them by paying attention to them! Post at least three times a week – and more if you can manage it.  When writing posts, go back and read any comments by readers on your previous posts. Find out what they still have questions or concerns about and provide them the answers. This is not only improves your status with search engines, but also shows your readers you are focused on providing solutions to their problems because you care about them and their needs. As you do this, your readers will turn to you more and more as the voice they trust and listen to.  Remember, you want to expose your business blog through as many channels as possible in order to draw more attention and traffic to your blog and website. Using blogs and social media to increase business is like a relationship between client and business leader. Like any relationship, ir required mutual trust, understanding and effort; focus on your readers needs and stay attentive to them so that your blog is not dumped by your readers when a “newer” competitor comes to town. Help your readers want to stay faithful to your blog and business by staying faithful to them.

·     Become the Go To Expert in Your Field

When creating content for your blog you need to write in such a way that you are informing and entertaining your audience while also presenting yourself and your business as a reliable source for information. Your blog is not the place to exaggerate, publish half-truths, insult, or mislead; really, there is no place for this anywhere in the business world. One deliberate misstatement, once discovered, will be announced – this can cost you readers, advertisers and a great deal of business. Remember to be an informative, accurate, but interesting voice, so that readers will rely on your advice and keep turning to you more often. As this relationship grows, you will grow your business.

·     Promote with Caution

Once you have established your relationship with your readers , it takes work and consistency to maintain it, as well as an understanding of boundaries and limits. Like all relationships, you have to be careful with how much you ask of your friends.  In the case of a business relationship, you have to be careful with how much you promote your products and the types of products and services that you suggest.  Ransacking them daily with different posts containing all the same “Sell Pitches”, will only cause your loyal followers to turn away.  If you approach promoting in a slow pace, and then to targeted audiences that you can provide a solution to, you will grow a firmer and longer lasting foundation for the success of your business.

Most importantly, keep it interesting, informative and entertaining!  Using these simple tips can help you create blog content that guides, inspires and informs your readers and strengthens the bond between your business and the public. Useful, informative and trustworthy blogs are your key to building long lasting business relationships that lead to new clients and business success.



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